Clock restuarant in gainesville fl

Orange Park, Florida 3 comments
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my husband quit working there after 12 yrs of servise to them, he was appauled at how bad and nasty the restuarant had gotten, and nothing was getting fixed, they hadnt gave him a raise in over 2 yrs, ect.... so now they are even giving him bad refferances and also even told the unemployment office that he failed a drug test and they fired him......check out the pg i created with can like my page and also add your own comments of other restuarants and add pics also

Review about: Restuarant.

Monetary Loss: $1200.



:grin al yes we have already turned in pics , and joan also , yes it depends on the circumstances...


Looks like a sewage pit! Good place to stay away from. report to health officials this dissgrace of a dump!


Unless your state is different people don't get unemployment benefits when they quit a job, only if they are laid off.

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